Is it really possible to learn a language on your own?

In the modern world of opportunities for self-study of foreign languages, there are so many opportunities that everyone who plans to start classes and latin translation invariably faces the question: does everyone really need expensive courses and teachers, or can you learn a foreign language on your own? What is needed for self-study of a […]


How can you speed up the translation

In recent years, computer translation assistants have gone through a path of improvement, and now they are able to significantly speed up the process of translating documents nepali to english.  Many tools are now at your disposal, from grammar and spelling checking to sophisticated linguistic analysis. However, without competent human intervention, a poorly controlled translation […]


Analysis of the translation market in Germany

European cooperation and english to german translation app is now more active than ever. Schengen legislation simplifies the visa control procedure for citizens of the EU member states. Germany’s doors are now wide open: it invites you to visit its famous exhibitions, offers young athletes its ski resorts, invites them to undergo treatment in clinics […]


Revel. They say the translator’s tongue was cut out

It was not easy for the translators of the late Middle Ages. Sometimes a mistake threatened them with brutal punishment. In 1404 in Reval, the language was cut out for an incorrect translation of a letter from Low German into Russian to the translator Hans Durkop and incorrect use russian to english translator. During the […]


An interpreter is a generalist, is that possible?

If you study the market of interpreter services, including translation app for iphone, get acquainted with all kinds of translation agencies and private interpreters who offer professional translation of documents and business papers or simultaneous interpretation of the highest level, and sometimes technical translation from the language, you can understand that there are simply no […]


English for adults: repeating the past

Most adult Russians, while studying at school, studied  as a foreign language including english to spanish translation. The question arises: why don’t most of us know him? Is this to blame for our inability to speak languages, the imperfection of the school curriculum or the lack of professionalism of teachers? Why did the years of […]


American English: features of occurrence and use

England and America are two nations separated by a common language. Oscar Wilde History of American English In the 17th and 18th centuries, English crossed the ocean on ships with British peasants and representatives of the petty and middle bourgeoisie. If we could now return to America at that time, we would have met many […]


Learning English with a child is a fun process!

Children are naturally very curious, open-minded, spontaneous, and this is quite natural. Indeed, in the first years of their lives, they will have to get acquainted with the life around them, learn to walk, talk, interact with people, manipulate objects and many more important things. It is to us, adults, that these actions seem simple […]