In recent years, computer translation assistants have gone through a path of improvement, and now they are able to significantly speed up the process of translating documents nepali to english.  Many tools are now at your disposal, from grammar and spelling checking to sophisticated linguistic analysis. However, without competent human intervention, a poorly controlled translation process can lead to an awkward situation. On the one hand, a tool like a spelling checker equipped with a good dictionary can easily help a translator achieve the desired result, on the other hand, programs like Google Translate often give an unsatisfactory result. The right set of automatic translation tools and the availability of a highly qualified specialist is currently the best and fastest way to correctly and adequately translate documents of any type.

Effective language programs and tools really make the translation process easier and faster. Spelling and grammar checking, terminological dictionaries and databases, electronic dictionaries, search tools, translation memorization systems: all this can reduce your work time.

Planning is an important factor. By correctly planning the process, you can also reduce the work time, you just need to follow the following steps:

content creation
communication with the service provider
the translation process itself
final acceptance.
When creating a translation text, you need to pay attention to the creation of the content, which will subsequently reduce the time of your work. Whenever possible, try to use simple phrases and make small sentences. Be concise, in any case, the simplicity and clarity of the input documentation is the most important way to speed up the translation process. Organize your thoughts in the correct logical order. Review the final look of the document and make sure you eliminate all common words, jargon and colloquial speech.
It is necessary to consult with your translator and clarify all the nuances. Distribution of responsibilities, clearly defined goals and objectives, as well as confidence in what you are doing will help you reduce translation time and get a decent translation at the highest level.

Thus, the translation process can be really shortened in time. The use of modern technologies significantly helps to reduce the work time, but do not forget that translation is a delicate matter and requires full dedication, concentration and sometimes takes a significantly long period of implementation.