Why Do We Make Mistakes in Translation?

Mistakes are an inevitable part of translation. Even the most fluent bilingual speakers can find themselves struggling to convey the exact meaning from one language to another. As the world becomes more interconnected, translation has never been more important. So why do translators trip up, and what causes things to get lost in translation? The […]


Automatic Translation and its Evolution

Machine translation, sometimes referred to as automatic translation, is a subfield of computational linguistics, or an area of artificial intelligence, and includes the development of computer programs to automatically translate text or speech from one language into another. The idea of automatic translation has its genesis deep in the middle of the 20th century. Then, […]


Interview in English by phone

If you come across a telephone interview in English, in addition to general interview preparation, you should pay special attention to the following 3 skills and basic english translate to tagalog: Show ease and confidence: The interviewer cannot see your facial expression during a telephone interview, so you must show vitality and confidence with your […]


Age of the child at the beginning of education

Children used to start learning English and translating english to russian in the fourth or fifth grade, but now classes begin in the second, and sometimes in the first grade. At the same time, the teaching methodology has not changed much: training begins with the same topics and elements as in the schools of the […]



If you have enrolled in a French language and french to english course and want to learn French from scratch, it is important to understand that in addition to classroom classes, you will also need to make efforts on your own. Here are some tips that you can easily put into practice to learn vocabulary […]


How to learn German on your own

German is not the easiest language, but it is quite possible to master it on your own such as english to german. Especially if you already speak English, because these are languages ​​\u200b\u200bof the same family. She is beautiful – Sie ist schön. However, there are more differences between the two languages ​​than similarities. You […]


What is the result of learning a foreign language?

A boa constrictor can be measured in parrots, monkeys or elephants. And by what measure do you measure a foreign language for yourself? How do you define learning filipino to english outcomes for yourself? Until you find the right answer to this question, any training will not be entirely effective. It will not satisfy you. […]


Is translation not a profession? Outdated look

We live in a dynamic world where things change quickly. And to repeat today the hackneyed phrase of stagnant times that translation english to bangla is not a profession means simply to see nothing around you. No one argues that being the president or at least a member of the board of a commercial bank […]