Interpreters who interpret over the phone and translator for windows 10 work in multitasking mode, answering many calls during the working day. Each time a client calls, an interpreter needs to focus as much as possible, and as accurately and quickly as possible apply his experience in a certain area of ​​knowledge. That is why, when working as a translator who interprets over the phone, it is very important to act correctly in order to guarantee a quick response and a successful conversation.

Correct actions by the client

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It is necessary to speak in the second person, just like in informal free communication. For example, it is better to use the phrase: “Have you read the draft document?” Rather than “Find out if the translator is familiar with the draft document”.

At the beginning of the conversation, it is better for the client to introduce himself and state the reason for the call.

Interpretation over the phone is consecutive, and therefore, one should take into account the fact that during the translation of each phrase in a telephone conversation, there will necessarily be small pauses. For this reason, the translator should be given time to translate, preferably every 1-2 long phrases or sentences, or after completing a certain thought or thesis.

You need to be prepared for the fact that the translator, performing oral translation, may need a detailed explanation of the topic of conversation or individual episodes: it may be necessary to clarify such concepts that have no equivalents in the translated language.

It should not be forgotten that the conversation does not take place on behalf of the translator, because his task is only translation, nothing more. It follows that the responsibility for providing quality service to a foreign client lies with the person who ordered the translation services.

From time to time, you need to ask the interpreter providing interpretation and the foreign client if they understand what you want to convey.

There is no need to ask the translator for the opinion of what he is translating.

At the same time, on the part of the translator, certain rules must also be observed, namely:

The translator has no right to conduct abstract conversations with the client. His duties include full translation of a telephone conversation, if possible, without unnecessary omissions and advice.