If you have enrolled in a French language and french to english course and want to learn French from scratch, it is important to understand that in addition to classroom classes, you will also need to make efforts on your own. Here are some tips that you can easily put into practice to learn vocabulary and improve your vocabulary. This will help you learn to speak French and understand the interlocutor.

Surround yourself with French words
Post stickers or notes with French expressions around the house. You can hang several lists of words, for example, around a computer monitor. This will help you learn words and expressions that you have already looked up hundreds of times in the dictionary or met in French courses, but never remembered.

Use words in expressions
When you go through lists of French words and expressions you have written down, don’t just read them, but make sentences with them. Try to make at least three different sentences with each word. Or you can try to write an entire paragraph using some or all of the new words.

Listen to songs and CDs in French
If you do not always have time to look through the words, then turn on the music or just CDs with lyrics in French, while doing your own thing – cooking or repairing. The perception of foreign speech by ear and frequent listening to the same texts also helps to remember many words and expressions for a long time.

Solve crosswords and puzzles
You can also learn French and english to marathi from scratch with the help of exciting games for guessing words and expressions. They can be found on the Internet.

Check your knowledge often
Comprehensive tests, which are found in large numbers on the shelves of all bookstores, help to consolidate the acquired knowledge well.

Remember, whatever you do to learn French from scratch, do it with pleasure and mood. Then words and expressions will be remembered easily and quickly!